The most recent copy of the Individualized Program in Agriculture for Sustainable Agriculture can be found here. The most recent minor sheet for Sustainable Agriculture can be found here.

SAG Listserv

This is one of the central ways in which we communicate between students and faculty in our program. Through the listserv you will learn about upcoming events such as our potluck get-togethers, seminars, job and internship opportunities, and sustainable agriculture related topics in our local region and across the country. You can be added to the listserv by your advisor, so make sure that you get signed up when you enter the program.


We think the Sustainable Agriculture Program is pretty great. But don't just take our word for it...

Alumna Kristi Durbin talks about the Sustainable Agriculture Program

Careers in Sustainable Agriculture

The University of Kentucky’s Sustainable Ag undergraduate program has enough history and has produced enough graduates to learn that our program prepares students for a broad range of careers. Almost all graduates have found work in the area of sustainable agriculture shortly after graduating. The careers selected by SAG graduates documents the success of the SAG program and curriculum, and the ambitions and interests of our students.

Enrolling in the Program

Interested in a hands-on, interdisciplinary degree that is focused on the sustainability of food and farming? Undergraduate students can major in SAG through the Individualized Curriculum within the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. 

International Educational Opportunities

Issues of sustainability in agriculture can be found not just in Kentucky, but across the country and around the world. SAG students have the opportunity to participate in a number of international education opportunities, including Education Abroad courses, internships, and study tours with student clubs.  The College of Agriculture offers many faculty-led study abroad courses around the world, including the SAG program’s program Tropical Agroecology and Sustainable Development in Indonesia. Erica Indiano, a past participant in the program, had this to say about it:


We carefully crafted the classes in our Sustainable Ag program to provide a solid, science base; to build on the UK CORE (general education program), to teach the principles of sustainability and to prepare students for their targeted careers. The Sustainable Ag CORE includes four classes – starting at the introductory level (SAG 101), reaching out broadly into culture (SAG 201), providing hands on experience (SAG 397) and ending with a integrative capstone class (SAG 490).

Internships and Jobs

Hands-on experience in farming and food systems both enhances your education, and opens doors to future employment opportunities.  SAG students are highly encouraged to participate in internships locally, throughout the US, and abroad.  Talk to your advisor about obtaining academic credit for your internship, and working these important opportunities into your course of study.  We frequently place students in standing internships with partnering organizations (link to internships with partnering organizations – might name something else), as well as with the farms, non-profit organizations,

SAG Apprenticeship

SAG 397 Apprenticeship in Sustainable Agriculture provides students with hands-on experience working on a diverse organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) produce farm and marketing the produce in the local community ((  Students receive training across the full range of production and marketing activities under the guidance of the Course Coordinator and the professional staff of the farm management team.  Apprentices also have opportunities to interact and learn from researchers at the Horticultural Research